Wellbeing day

To start our wellbeing day in Class 3, we enjoyed some reading for pleasure while drinking hot chocolate. The children enjoyed sharing and discussing their books with others and having a relaxing start to the day.

Next they took part in some construction building and cosmic yoga, following the different positions shown on the board.

Just before lunch we had Forest School with Miss Goodacre, we played a game in pairs where we had to use our senses to describe what we could feel, hear and smell. The children worked well in their pairs, taking turns and directing their friends around our Forest School area.

During the afternoon we completed a treasure hunt in the garden looking for cards with positive affirmations on, afterwards we had a circle time to discuss these as a group.

We then had some art with Mrs Wheaton, we too part in some painting for a special project. Some children also took this time to do some mindful coloring of their choice.