Music for your child is about:           

  • Making music through singing and playing a variety of instruments

  • Practising to perfect our performance before an audience

  • Responding to sound, rhythm and song through drama, movement and dance

  • Composing songs and tunes

  • Learning new music and songs for their own personal pleasure and satisfaction 

  • The opportunity to perform at public events.  

All children enjoy weekly music lessons from our specialist music teacher, Mrs Biggs.

Individual music lessons are available to children in KS1 and KS2 and performances by our musicians are very much appreciated by family and the wider community.   


Music Curriculum Here.



Modern Languages for your child are about:      

  • A basic knowledge of other languages (for example French and Spanish)

  • Gaining confidence in speaking fluently in another language from Nursery upwards

  • Finding out about other people and their way of life

  • Feeling part of a wider community through taking part in Activity days

  • Educating our children to become part of Europe and the wider world    


French Curriculum Here



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Religious and Moral Education


Religious and Moral Education for your child is about:   


  • Relationships with one another and learning to respect differences of opinion

  • The significance of life and the importance of loving, caring and sharing

  • The meaning of fairness and justice and the difference between right and wrong .

  • Visiting the local Church on fact finding missions, participating in Flower Festivals, Harvest and so on

  • Contributing to class meetings to promote good social and moral behaviour both in and outside school ( Junior School Council).

  • An awareness of different faiths, their beliefs and celebrations.

See also our page on Pastoral Care for our Fundamental Beliefs and our approach to teaching British Values.


Our R.E. curriculum reflects the Lincolnshire guidance 2018

KS1 RE/Citizenship/PHSE

KS2 RE/Citizenship/PHSE