Our whole school topic approach is the framework from which all subject areas are embraced. Through using television programme's, visiting speakers, school visits and a hands on approach to learning, children find that History, Geography and Science are relevant to their own lives.     
History and Geography for your child is about:                  
  • Realising a sense of the passing of time
  • The recognition of special events and the order of the calendar
  • Realising their place in the environment, home, shop, school, town
  • An awareness of the World through a termly whole school Topic
  • Researching important periods of history in both our own and different countries
Children use our reference library, CD ROM and the Lincolnshire Library Service
Geography curriculum here. 
History curriculum here.


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Technology for your child is about:  
  • selecting appropriate tools, designing, planning and making things
  • understanding how things work through observation, investigating and discussion
  • learning how to use CD / DVD machines, telephone, digital camera, scientific and electronic measuring equipment
  • being aware of new technological developments in the world around them
  • evaluating our constructions / models finding the strengths and weaknesses 
Design and Technology curriculum here
Art curriculum - Class 3
Art Curriculum - Class 4
Art Curriculum - Class 5
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Information Technology for your child is about:                 



  • learning to use a range of P.C.s and laptops and associated peripherals
  • learning to touch type
  • handling and selecting appropriate software to enhance learning
  • programming; coding and 'de-bugging'
  • learning to access information via the internet and to present information in a range of formats
  • communicating by e-mail
  • an awareness of the fast changing world of Information Technology    
  • a secure understanding of e-safety 
ICT/ Computing - Class 5
ICT/Computing - Class 4
ICT/Computing - Class 3

Physical Education for your child is about:                



  • developing an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • participating in team games and school athletic events
  • learning the rules of football, cricket, rounders, netball and tag rugby
  • participating as a member of a team and learning the importance of fair play
  • working to improve individual gymnastic and dance skills
  • health and hygiene and the care of their bodies (Sports Science)
  • developing secure swimming skills                                                       

P.E. curriculum here.

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