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To benefit from the Holistic Approach to Learning, children must have the opportunity to:-    





- Develop Emotionally through learning to take responsibility for themselves, their belongings and for their environment. 

-Experience a range of emotions and learn how to handle those feelings.

-Learn the importance of loving and caring in a secure and friendly environment.










- Develop Physically by encouraging their gross and fine motor skills both inside and outside the classroom.

- Learn to work with a wide variety of materials requiring manipulative skills.

- Gain confidence in their own physical abilities.     


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- Develop Intellectually through positive encouragement and a genuine interest in learning.

-Participate in a wide range of first hand experiences leading towards the acquisition of knowledge and skills.



- Develop Aesthetically through creativity and the appreciation of beautiful things.

-Realise through their developing sensitivity and awareness the wonders and beauty of our world.     

-Develop Spiritually through learning to love and project healthier thinking and behaviour patterns in to our society and the world at large.










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The Holistic Approach  ensures that children reach their full potential without undue stress and pressure.