A past student…

It has been a while since I have spoken to all of you, however I haven’t forgotten the Primary School that showed me so much love and kindness from the moment I joined. I’ll be starting a new journey at university, but I’ll carry on with the values you all taught me..


Thank you so much for everything you did for our daughter. She went off on the bus to (secondary school) this is clear evidence of the huge improvement in her confidence. She was nervous, but came home exuberant and happy. Without your care and guidance she would not be where she is today.


We are so grateful to you and all of the staff at Bicker Prep for the support, encouragement and education you have provided for our boys over the last three years. They have both come on so far academically and vocationally and we have been proud to see them grow and develop.

The dedication of your team is second to none and we have always been delighted with the decision we made to send them to Bicker.

With recent events surrounding the discussion on racial diversity, institutional racism and inclusivity, our son’s happiness and growing confidence really means a lot for us. As a family of black ethnicity, we have been forced to reflect on our experiences and decisions, especially the ones we are giving our children. We are so grateful for your loving care and inclusivity which you have shown and continue to show our son and us as a family. We have never felt discriminated and want to commend your beautiful attitude and professionalism.


Thank you so much for making my daughter’s time at Bicker a happy one. She has been so nurtured, has developed a real enthusiasm for learning and has grown in confidence over the years.

We have both loved being part of a beautiful village school that values each and every parent and child. She will treasure these happy memories..


“We elected to move our two sons from a state C of E school in our local village to Bicker Prep. Whilst they were doing well in their current school we had concerns about staff turnover and felt that they weren’t being sufficiently challenged. When we visited Bicker we were made to feel very welcome by staff and students and very much liked the ethos of the school; we felt there was a strong focus on encouraging all children to reach their full potential and that the school shared our goal of wanting to give the boys the greatest possible chance of success in the 11+.

Our eldest started after the Easter Break and quickly settled in with our younger son joining him in the year below after the Summer holidays. Although the school is small they are able to offer a vast range of specialist subjects using additional teaching support, for example mechanical engineering projects, science lessons and debating sessions to name a few.

One of our main priorities was giving the boys the best chance at the 11+ exam which wasn’t a priority in the state system. We believe that the support and nurturing that they received at Bicker in this regard was unparalleled. The expertise offered by staff is exceptional, having been honed over many years working in this field. The children are equipped with the skills required for approaching the exams in a reassuring environment, without excessive pressure being applied.

Furthermore, we have seen both of the boys grow in confidence from the support and opportunities at Bicker, our eldest has transformed from a shy young boy into to a far more out going young man, he even had the confidence to take on the lead role in the school play last year! Overall we are delighted with the progress they made in all areas and would wholeheartedly recommend the school.


Our son started Bicker Preparatory School in January 2019, just after his third birthday. Up until this point he had attended very few days in any childcare setting. He was always particularly sensitive when it came to being left with others and starting at Bicker was something that we felt was important to improve his confidence and personal development.

The school made our son’s induction as smooth as possible; having 3 induction mornings in November before starting 3 full days a week in the following January.

Now the first term has passed we could not be any happier with how our son has settled there. He happily attends school each day and openly talks about his day when he is picked up at the end of the day. We have seen improvements in his confidence, his social skills along with his speech and manners. Over the school holidays we have enjoyed watching him re-enact  activities that he obviously does at school and enjoys.

We look forward to seeing how our son continues to develop from the guidance, teaching and support he gets at Bicker.


The Teaching Team at Bicker ensured that our daughter’s needs were both identified quickly and met with enthusiasm and dedication, when she started at the school in year 5.  We have been extremely impressed.  Thank you.


I cannot find the words that express  our depth of gratitude for all of the support, care and patience you have given to our child. 

Every child needs a special teacher to help them shine and take that next step forward – so thank you for being you and making the difference.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the staff at Bicker for everything they have done for our family, while we have been part of the Bicker ‘family’.

We are obviously very sad to be leaving, but we do so ready and well prepared for the next step of our journey.


Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in helping our son achieve his full potential.

His teacher has been fabulous and has inspired our son to put in a great effort, even with the trickiest of tasks, when he may have given up.

Our son is growing into a kind and caring young man and your support and guidance is instrumental in this, carrying on with the beliefs, behaviours and expectations we have at home.

Many, many thanks for all your hard work at Bicker Prep.


I am writing this email in response to reading my daughter’s school report.

To say that I am absolutely thrilled with the report is an understatement. I want to thank all the staff involved with her education at Bicker Prep.

It’s the reports like the one I have received that reflect the fantastic job you all do,  how passionate you all are and what fabulous education you are providing

Thanks again Bicker Prep


Our son is extremely happy and is progressing well and we are extremely happy with that. We feel that all the staff do a wonderful dedicated job and we will continue to recommend the school to others.

Thank you for all you do to make our son’s school life such a pleasurable learning experience.


I wanted to let you know that regardless of the label Outstanding or Good, we think your school is one in a million. The support and nurture you show all of the children in your school as well as the parents is amazing. You go ‘above and beyond’ every single day and we want you to know that every little thing you do for our son is appreciated so much. In our eyes the school is outstanding and always will be.

From the family of an ex-pupil

We just wanted to drop you a small note to let you know that, both of our sons are doing amazingly well at the Grammar school, and that our eldest has just been selected as a potential Oxford/Cambridge candidate.  He is currently doing A level Maths, Physics and Art and is looking to pursue a career as an architect.

We know that without the support and encouragement that he received from Mrs Bell, in particular, and all the team at Bicker none of this would have even been possible.

On behalf of my husband and myself we wanted to say a huge thank you for everything that you did to give our sons such a strong foundation to grow from.


Dear Bicker Staff,

Bicker Prep has again supported above and beyond. Care, personalised learning, nurturing nature, along with the ability to tease out the best in everyone, are just a few of the things which make Bicker so special. It has been wonderful to see my daughter to thrive this year. 

Thank you for all your hard work.