Robinson Crusoe

As part of our topic on Robinson Crusoe the children participated in many different activities, one of these was using recycled materials to make rafts like the raft that Robinson Crusoe used to get his belongings ashore the island. The children used an array of materials including boxes of differing sizes, tin foil, sellotape and masking tape. We put our rafts to the test in our water tray, we put different stationary on top or inside to see if they could withstand the weight and carry things without sinking. Only a couple passed the test! We then evaluated our rafts and thought about what we would do different next time.

We used rope and buckets to create pulley systems to try and get water high in the trees, this was rather tricky. We had to remember and use some of our knots that we had learnt at Forest School.

During our art focus we painted beach landscapes using water colours, once dry we added features including an island, trees, the shipwreck and animals.

We used Lego to create our own shelters, working in groups the children constructed houses, dens and shelters. They had lots of different features.

We had lots of fun learning about Robinson Crusoe and his adventure.