Bicker Preparatory School and Early Years understand how important it is that children feel both happy and safe within school; only then will they be able to fulfil their potential. 


Children remain in the care of a Class Teacher or qualified Teaching Assistant throughout the school day, thus ensuring that they are looked after by someone who knows them well at all times. This ensures happy and productive playtimes and transitions.

Staff have their lunch in their classrooms with their children which provides an opportunity to engage in conversation with peers and staff, and enables staff to provide guidance on eating etiquette.


Effective Pastoral Care is of vital importance. Bicker Prep School has robust policies to ensure the Safeguarding of our children. There are specific policies in place for the Nursery School and for the Upper School. OFSTED inspections have noted the 'Outstanding' Pastoral Care at Bicker Prep.


We have a comprehensive 'Anti-Bullying statement' which gives detailed guidance on good practice. All staff have regular safeguarding training to ensure up-to-date knowledge of relevant issues, including e-safety, bullying, mental health and well-being and CSE.  

We involve children closely in pastoral support, developing effective strategies as well as using a comprehensive range of resources to help children understand that bullying is unacceptable.

The 'Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning' are taught throughout the school as part of PHSE lessons, and in assemblies. Anti-bullying, mental health and well-being and British Values are embedded in our curriculum. Children engage with stories, drama and poetry that help them to know how to be safe within school. Older children regularly take part in class discussions / debates where emotional literacy is explored further. Community Police Officers also visit each class to discuss anti-bullying tactics with the children, encouraging the children to act out various scenarios. Equality and respect are deep rooted within the ethos of our school and we are proud of the diversity which our school represents.

For our school's Anti-Bullying Statement please see our policy page.


We believe that our pupils have the right to be educated in an atmosphere that is free from fear. We acknowledge the need for both pro-active and re-active strategies.


Five Key Points.


  • We never ignore suspected bullying.

  • We don't make premature assumptions.

  • We listen carefully to all accounts.

  • We adopt a problem-solving approach.

  • We follow-up repeatedly.


Creating a Safe Environment.

The positive self-esteem of all of the children at school is constantly and consistently promoted. Class teachers are on duty at break and lunch times; this enables them to monitor the way children play. Where necessary, teachers involve themselves in playground games, modelling good behaviour. Children may ask for a 'buddy' to help them to integrate, and teachers ensure that children who join the school have a named friend to help them settle in.


Older pupils understand that they are role models and often suggest sensible games for younger children to play. They also take part in 'Junior Council' meetings where they are able to suggest ways to improve playtimes etc. in school.

In the autumn of 2017 we joined the Anti-Bullying Alliance 'All Together' programme, which ensures that children are closely involved in promoting positive attitudes and supporting each other in school. In the spring of 2020 we were delighted to be given the gold award for the second time. Our School Council are excited to be playing an important role in promoting this initiative. 

For more information on our 'Junior Council' please click on this link:


Our school recognises that different strategies will be effective in different circumstances and is clearly saying NO to bullying. Upper School children are taught about internet safety and cyber bullying and understand how to keep themselves safe online. Parents are also advised on internet safety from time to time, with workshops provided both by the school and by outside agencies such as the NSPCC.


Children understand who to go to when they are upset. Staff have time to listen and time to help. Our 'All Together' programme encourages children to talk about their feelings confidently and we place a high priority on mental health and well-being.


Teachers have lunch in their own classrooms with their class and monitor behaviour during in-school transitions, as well as playtimes.





All our staff are trained in the Prevent Duty.


See our 'Policies' page for a copy of the Behaviour and Discipline Policy and our Anti-Bullying Statement is available on request from the school office.


If you would like a copy of The Parent Pack booklet 'Say no to bullying' please contact Futurelink Publishing on 0800 3345145 or visit


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