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Bicker Preparatory School has its  own private Nature Reserve and field study site.


Mayfields Reserve  is an off site venue which Upper School classes visit throughout the year travelling by minibus.


The site was created in 2004 when approx 6,800 native broadleaf hardwood tree and shrub species were planted. This effectively constitutes around 3 acres of private woodland.  We have around 2 acres of water consisting of two ponds in landscaped grounds amounting to approx 6 acres. The children have access to kitchen and toilet facilities and a log cabin which serves as the School Field Centre. 

Our Nature Reserve provides the children with opportunities to manage risk in a controlled environment, working within small groups with experienced members of staff. We are fortunate to be able to draw upon the scientific, botanical and biological expertise of Mr R. Page as we learn about the natural environment.  Mr Page has an inspirational way of teaching children, and extensive knowledge of freshwater ecology and the care and management of its associated habitats.



Winter at Mayfields Nature Reserve.


Our studies can be lead by the questions children ask.


*What happens to trees in Winter? 

*Where do the animals go? 

*What are those prints in the snow?

*How can I tell an oak tree from a sycamore?

*Why are there so many nests in Winter?

*Will the birds use that nest again?  

*Why is this soil sticking to my boots?


 Summer Field Studies.


* What will happen to these seeds? 

* Where is the dragon fly going?  

* What is the name of this tree?                        

* Have you any creepy crawlies here?

* Can I use a microscope? 

Spring time studies.


Children ask us:  


* Have the fish survived? Can I see?   

* Why are the birds so busy?                       

* What is this grass called?          

* Can I grow something?

Autumn fun at Mayfield Reserve.


*Why are there so many trees here?

*May I plant a tree?

*What is this berry?

*Can people eat this nut?

*What is happening in the pond now it is colder?

*How can I help the environment?


We look forward to drawing together the year's work to help our children to respect and take care of the natural world.

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