Is your child struggling in large class sizes after the COVID pandemic?

Have you thought that an Independent School is out of reach?

I invite you to consider Bicker Preparatory School and Early Years.

We believe in a child centred approach to education because every child is unique. We offer small classes of under 20 children.

We address gaps in learning and offer stretch for greater depth.

Our Curriculum is broad and rich – we believe passionately in offering  enrichment opportunities – such as Forest School, links with our community, inviting visitors in to share their expertise and experiences out of the classroom.

We are a Reggio Emilia inspired school – following these key principles:

  • Children are active participants in their learning
  • Children learn through interactions with their teachers, family, peers and community
  • Children communicate their learning in a variety of mediums not just the written word
  • Teachers and parents are partners, nurturers and guides in the learning process


We have these Golden Threads running through our Curriculum:

  • We believe children are active investigators and explorers
  • We believe children are  imaginative creators
  • We believe children are reasoners and problem solvers
  • We believe children are capable communicators
  • We believe children can be supported to form resilient relationships
  • We believe children are the protectors of our Earth


Contact us to find out more about our individual approach to learning.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Anne Daynes