Bicker Preparatory School has its own 'on-site' Environmental Area study site.


Just a short walk from the main school, all our children enjoy Nature Study, 'hands-on' science and Outdoor  Education all year round at our own private Environmental Area.

The Environmental Area was developed back in 2002 to incorporate a wide range of specimen trees and shrubs as well as a wide range of native plants and flowers, to enable children to experience the seasonal changes at first-hand.

Children visit the Environmental Area regularly to enjoy practical learning to reinforce their academic studies.

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is designed to enhance and complement the day-to-day curriculum in the Foundation Stage and beyond. 

It offers all children opportunities to develop confidence, self-esteem and to experience achievement in the natural environment. It can often inspire the development of new skills which 'indoor learning' does not.


Outdoor Education takes place in the school's Environmental Area and enables children to build up an understanding of the natural world where they can learn in tune with nature. It allows children time to contemplate, away from the hustle and bustle of classroom life. This is enhanced by additional trips to the school's private Nature Reserve, Mayfields Pool.

Outdoor Education promotes holistic development and encourages children to become independent and creative learners. It allows the children to take supported risks and sessions are planned around individual children's interests.

Our Outdoor Education provides a firm foundation for our younger children to build on when they take part in frequent trips to the Nature Reserve.