We plan our teaching in accordance with The New National Curriculum 2014 with flexibility for a broader focus on all curriculum areas. All learning has a purpose and children are encouraged to produce their best work at all times.
Reading for your child is about: 
Our children are taught to read through the Phonic and Flash Card approach to reading. Children learn their sounds using Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds which equip the child to:-       
  • Blend and build words in order to make sense of the written word
  • Build up a wider visual memory
  • Master the reading code and develop core word attack skills
  • Experience early success, thus building self confidence and a feel good attitude   
Reading is the gateway to learning and therefore is a high priority subject area where all children are heard to read every day. From Upper Nursery through Reception and on in to KS1and KS2 children read from the Ginn and Oxford Reading Tree Schemes and many others. We aim to broaden the child's reading experience by drawing on different schemes and encouraging children to read both fiction and information books,    
English for your child is about:   
  • Learning to read and use library and reference books to further their knowledge
  • Communicating effectively through a variety of media using the written and spoken word
  • Engaging in discussions and debates and expressing theirs views and opinions with confidence
  • Using the written word effectively to record, inspire and persuade
  • Developing a correctly formed, neat cursive style of handwriting.
  • Learning and applying English grammar


KS1 English Curriculum here.


KS2 English Curriculum here


Please click on  the links below for the termly spelling lists


Class 3 spellings

Year 3 Spellings

Year 4 Spellings

Class 5 Spellings

At Bicker Prep, we use the 'Maths - No Problem!' scheme of work. This supports a deep understanding and 'mastery' of maths. 
Mathematics for your child is about :  
  • The logic and fascination of numbers and patterns
  • Understanding the language of Maths
  • Thorough knowledge of multiplication tables and mental recall of basic number bonds
  • Handling data and recording information in a variety of appropriate ways
  • An ability to work with 2D and 3D shapes, weights, measures and time
  • Using mathematical skills to solve practical problems 
Mathematics Curriculum here

Science for your child is about:      


  • Observing the environment, relating to current environmental issues and accessing up to date information through I.T. resources to inform our work.
  • Using all our senses and the world around us to gain hands on experience of science.
  • Being encouraged to ask questions like 'What happens if....? Why does it do that?....'
  • Working with others to find solutions.   
Science curriculum here.
Assessment Approach
Early Years Assessment
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