Class 3 visit the National Space Centre


A great day was had by all as students and teachers had the opportunity to explore the National Space Centre in Leicester.

We started out day by travelling just over 1 hour on the coach to get to the space centre. The children were very excited to be going on the coach.

Once at the space centre we climbed the stairs of the rocket tower to look at the different levels, we enjoyed the intercative games where we were able to make our own rockets blast into space. As we climbed higher onto the different levels we were able to walk alongside the different levels of the rockets as we looked out over the balcony. We saw the rocket Skylark and Thor Able, they were huge!

We watched a show in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetaruim where we saw the different constellations, we looked closely at the bear constellation (Ursa Major). As well as the many planets that have been discovered.

We had the opportunity to look at the differnet controls that would be found in a rocket and had a seat in a capsule, it was a bit of a squeeze!

Before leaving the space centre the children asked if we could go all the way up to the 4th (top) floor of the rocket tower, Mrs Daynes challenged the children of Class 3 to a race to the top. This was very tiring! But we won!!!

While on the top level of the rocket tower all of the children wanted their photos taken in the astronaut cut out, we looked like real astronauts!

Once returning to school Miss Worrell made us all trainee astronaut cards using our pictures taken in the astronaut cut out on the top floor of the rocket tower. We thought that these were amazing!