Class 3 History day

Today the children in Class 3 took part in history day. We were joined by Mr Thomas who taught us all about black history and how this has affected our lives that we live today.

This morning we learnt who Martin Luther King was and his motion to make life fair for everyone, we watched a small snippet of his ‘I have a dream’ speech.

We also learnt about Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on a bus and got arrested for this, the children agreed that this was not fair and that Rosa Parks should not have been treated in this way. We took part in some bus role play where we acted out this scenario, we decided that it would not have been nice if we were Rosa Parks.

This afternoon we took part in some team games, sometimes Mr Thomas gave one team an advantage this meant that this team won the game. We spoke about this not being fair on the other team and how it made them feel and that this is what it would have been like for some people not so long ago.  All children voiced their opinions and explained why this was not right and not being kind to others, we came to the conclusion as a class that we are all equal and just as important as one another.

We had a go at playing some games and took part in some dancing from different cultures. We had a go at playing some games and taking part in some dances from different cultures. We had a go at the game ‘Limbo’ which originates from the Caribbean, the children really enjoyed the challenge as the bar got lower and lower. The children all took part in some dancing and participated by teaching their peers their own dance moves. we put all of these together to create our own dance.