Welcome to Class 4

Class 4 Gardening

Class 4 have helped tidy up in preparation for our Jubilee event. The children had great fun weeding the planters. The children planned out how the plants would look in the planter in the red, white and blue colour scheme using geraniums and lobelia. We ensured the roots were loose, pressed in firmly and watered. […]

Class 4 Visit to Leicester Space Centre

Class 4 had an amazing time at the space centre in Leicester. There was so much to see and do. We particularly enjoyed the planetarium and the special effects they used for us to study the night sky and constellations. They had multiple choice questions to respond to which decided where we would go next. […]

Well done Class 4

Well done to class 4 who have coped so well with Mrs Grayling teaching them on TEAMS. They have been so engaged and completing their work. I am very proud of how sensible and hard working they have been. I can’t wait to be back in January.