News and Events


Today Mr Wand visited our school with an ambulance. Mr Wand is a paramedic and was able to show us about all the features of the ambulance – including the siren!! We were also able to learn about how patients could be treated in an ambulance and had an interesting discussion about why people would […]

Outdoor spelling lesson

This morning it was just too beautiful to stay in! Class 5 had their spelling lesson outside – running to find the definitions of their spelling words and racing back to share them with their partners. Kinetic movement can aid the memory and so this was a challenging and fun way to approach our spelling […]

VR Experience

We had a great Virtual Reality Experience today. Class 4 visited Ancient Egypt. We rode a camel. It even felt like we were going up and down across the sand. Our favourite parts were exploring the tombs in the Great Pyramids of Giza. To finish we even went on a rollercoaster. You should have heard […]

Dance in PE

Today Class 5 and 4 really enjoyed Dance as part of their PE curriculum. This will be continuing for several weeks. They had the chance to learn the steps to some Rock and Roll music in the glorious sunshine in the garden. They were taught by a specialist dance teacher and it was wonderful to […]

Black History

Class 4 enjoyed learning about the Civil Rights Movement and the important figure, Martin Luther King. The children thought about what it was like to be not be treated equally because of the colour of your skin or your gender. They listened to parts of Dr King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech and thought […]

Anatomy in Class 5!

Class 5 are enjoying their new topic of Anatomy in Science. The children have already started to return some fantastic homework all about the skeleton – even a life-sized skeleton thanks to EL!! Well done. We have looked at our anatomical model, x rays, CT scans and interactives about the Circulatory system. The children have […]

Mayfields Nature Reserve

Class 5 had a wonderful time at the nature reserve. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were surrounded by humming insects and beautiful sights. We were using the Flag Iris flowers to learn about pollination and the structure of flowers. Thank you to Mr Page for his expert information and knowledge of the […]