Summer 2:

Week 1 Speak out Stay Safe with Ava

Week 2 Road Safety with Florence  Pokemon Ernie 

Week 3 How to handle change delivered by Year 6

Week 4 Performance

Week 5 Class Changes delivered by Year 

Summer 1:

Stay Safe

Week 1 What ways do you keep yourself safe?

Week 2 Car safety with Sebastian Fire Safety with Ethan

Week 3 Stranger Danger with Swara  Speak Out Stay Safe with Ava 

Week 4 Toilet safety Lewis and Ernie  E Safety with Harriet

Week 5 Road and Rail Safety with Florence 

Week 6 Exploitation 

Spring 1:

Mutual Respect and Tolerance 

Week 1 Passions and Interests with Evie Cross Country  

Week 2 Challenging Discrimination with Shamiso’s books 

Week 3: Sharing views and beliefs with others 

Week 4: Democracy voting for our voices to be heard

Week 5 Respect for others and showing care 

Week 6 Be Positive and No Worries with Lola

Autumn 2:

Individual Liberty

Week 1 Freedom of choice

Week 2 Taking responsibility for our behaviour

Week 3 Owning our views

Week 4 Kindness Week

Week 5 Positive Peas

Autumn 1

The Rule of Law

Week 1 Developing Class rules 

Week 2 Breaking the rules at Bicker 

Week 3 Fairness 

Week 4 Handling our emotions